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I started training for my first marathon in July 1998; ran the Houston Marathon in January 1999; and have been hooked ever since.

Running is my favorite sport and I try to get out there 5-7 days per week. I average between 35-40 miles per week with higher mileages (60-65) during marathon training. To date, I've run 12 marathons (6 in Houston and 6 in Boston) and one ultra-marathon (a 50K race just north of Houston).

I've been involved in running related activities since 1998 and am a member of the Bayou City Road Runners running club (BCRR) and Houston Area Road Runners Association (HARRA). Sometimes I run under the name, Chip Tyme. I also have a marathon training website at: www.runbayou.com.

My favorite places to run in Houston are: Buffalo Bayou, Memorial Park, Rice University, Herman Park, Brays Bayou, and River Oaks. When I leave town on business or pleasure, you can be sure I check for places to run.

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Three favorite running moments


Current running goals


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Running resume - Someone actually asked for this
Personal Records (PRs)
Awards, & Honors
Race results

Three favorite running moments


Most emotional - Finishing my first marathon on January 17, 1999 with a time of 3:24:28; good enough to qualify for Boston by 32 seconds. I was 45 years old. No one forgets their first marathon!


Goal realized - Breaking 3 hours in the Houston Marathon on January 16th, 2005 with two of my best running friends (Tom Radosevich and Caroline Burum); finding out later that I won the Men's 50-54 age group was icing on the cake!


Inspirational - Watching a runner in the finishing stretch at the 2001 Houston Marathon. She was obviously cramping and in pain as she struggled toward the finish line. The crowd was cheering, yelling, and screaming. Ten feet from the finish line, she fell. The medical folks ran out to help her but she waved them off, picked herself up, and stumbled across the finish line. I don't know who she was but I'll never forget that moment.

Running Goals

bulletRemain healthy and continue running
bulletRun my first ultra-marathon - the SunMart 50K in December 2005 is looking pretty good!
bulletRace the 2006 Houston Marathon in January

Running resume

Personal information
Jay Hendrickson (aka Chip Tyme)
Age: 53 (June 1953)
Years running as of July 2006
: 8 (started in July 1998)

My philosophy of training is based on solid goal-setting theory and well-supported scientific training principles.

I am the founder of RunBayou; a marathon training program in Houston. RunBayou started in June 2005 and there are currently over 50 local runners using this training program. The program is based on Jack Danielsí and the late Arthur Lydiardís philosophies as well as several other noted endurance coaches and scientists. Additional information can be found at: www.runbayou.com.

Personal Records (PRs)

bulletMarathon - 2:58:19 in January 2005 at HP Houston Marathon
bullet10K - 37:58 in November 2004 at Uptown Turkey Trot
bullet5 Miles - 30:22 in February 2006 at Park to Park
bullet5K - 17:43 in April 2005 at Bellaire Trolley Run

Awards & Honors

bullet2004 HP Houston Marathon - Invited runner
bullet2005 & 2006 Bayou City Road Runners (BCRR) - Top Gun award for best racing performance
bulletSpring 2005 Houston Area Road Runners (HARRA) - 2nd place Veteran Runner of the Season
bullet2005 HP Houston Marathon - Winner 50-54 Male Age Group

Race results

I've been fortunate to have had some measure of success at amateur racing.
Here are some race results where I captured hardware.

Date Race Place
5/20/06 Beach to Bay Marathon Relay 2nd Mixed Masters
2/25/06 Conoco Rodeo 10K 2nd Male 50-54
2/11/06 Park to Park 5 Miler 1st Male 50-54
2/4/06 Buffalo Wallow Cross Country 1st Male 50-54
1/15/06 Chevron Houston Marathon 3rd Male 50-54
12/10/05 SunMart 50K - 1st ultra-marathon 3rd Male 50-54
10/29/05 Great Pumpkin Run (5K) 1st Male 50-54
10/16/05 Houston 20K Championship 2nd Male 50-54
10/2/05 Space City 10 Miler 2nd Male 50-54
9/17/05 Tornados x-country relay 2nd Senior Men
9/10/05 BearKat Bash (5K) 2nd Male 50-54
9/4/05 League Play Grill (5K) 2nd Overall
6/25/05 Independence Run (5K) 1st Master Male
6/18/05 Dad's Day (5K) 1st Male 50-59
6/4/05 Heights Run (5K) 1st Male 50-59
5/28/05 Astros Race for the Pennant (5K) 1st Male 50-54
4/18/05 Boston Marathon Top 25 Male 50-59
4/2/05 Bellaire Trolley Run (5K) 1st Male 50-54
3/19/05 Looking Good 5K 2nd Male 50-59
3/12/05 Bayou City Classic 10K 2nd Male 50-54
2/26/05 Conoco Rodeo 10K 2nd Male 50-54
2/6/05 Buffalo Wallow Cross Country 1st Male 50-59
1/16/05 HP Houston Marathon 1st Male 50-54
11/25/04 Uptown Turkey Trot (10K) 1st Male 50-54
11/14/04 Houston 25K 2nd Male 50-54
11/5/04 HP Turkey Trot (5K) 1st Overall
10/30/04 Great Pumpkin Run (5K) 2nd Masters
10/3/04 Space City 10 Miler 2nd Male 50-54
9/18/04 Tornado x-country relay 2nd Male Seniors
9/11/04 BearKat Bash (5K) 2nd Male 50-54
7/4/04 Run Wild 5K 2nd Male 50-54
6/26/04 Independence Run (5K) 1st Master Male
6/19/04 Dad's Day (5K) 1st Male 50-59
6/5/04 Heights 5K 2nd Male 50-54
5/31/04 Astros Race for the Pennant (5K) 2nd Male 50-54
5/16/04 Columbus 5K 2nd Male 50-54
5/1/04 Sprint for Life (5K) 1st Male 50-54
11/27/03 Uptown Turkey Trot (5K 1st Male 50-54
11/23/03 HP Turkey Trot (5K) 1st Overall
11/9/03 Houston 25K 2nd Male 50-54
10/19/03 Houston 20K Championship 2nd Male 50-54
10/5/03 Space City 10 Miler 2nd Male 50-54
9/20/03 Tornados x-country relay 1st Senior Men
9/6/03 BearKat Bash (5K) 1st Male 50-54
8/2/03 Maribel's (5K) 1st Male 50-59
7/19/03 Lunar Rendezvous Run (5K) 1st Male 50-54
7/4/03 Run Wild 5K 2nd Male 50-54
5/16/03 HP Spring 5K 1st Overall
5/10/03 On the Run 5K road race 2nd Male 49-50
10/5/02 Brazosport Run for the Arts (10 miler) 1st Male 45-49
3/30/02 Resurrection Run (5K) 2nd Male 49-50
3/16/02 Pelican 5K 1st Male 45-49
1/14/01 Cellular 5K 1st Male 45-49

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